1965-66. A complete set of this important journal/broadsheet of 26 issues of concrete poetry published from 1965 - 1968. Mostly a single artist per issue the artists were; Mathias Goeritz, Klaus Burkhardt, Max Bense, Reinhard Dohl, Louis Zukofsky, Bohumila Grogerova, Josef Hirsal, Job Boi, ian Hamilton-Finlay, Claus Bremer, Augusto de Campos, Edward Lucie Smith, Dieter Rot, Emmett Williams, Frieder Nake, Carlo Belloli, Jonathan Williams, Hiro Kamimura, Wolfgang Schmidt, Pierre Garnier, Bob Cobbing, Edwin Morgan, Dick Higgins, Wolf Vostell, Herman de Vries, Peter Schmidt, Andre Thomkins, Robert Filliou. This set is in mint condition, often the folds have become worn but in this case a crisp clean set. See 'Eye on Europe, Prints, Books &Multiples 1960 to now' Deborah Wye, Wendy Weitman, The Museum of Modern Art, New York colour illus p 91. Futura 11. 8 pages, letterpress. Printed by Staib + Mayer, Stuttgart. Edition of 1000.. 24 x 17 cm(9 1/2 x 6 3/4 inches)

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