With seven unique texts(see below) plus the translation of poem 16 from Scheisse, 1966

Intro by Matthew Zucker The most significantly Imaginative Post-War European Book Artist by Maggie Rosenau, Geometry by Andre Kamber, Hand Cut “BOOK” by Andre Kamber and Matthew Zucker,  Munduculum: a Rothian endeavor by Maggie Rosenau , Copley Buch by Allison Rudnick, Consumption of Culture by Allison Rudnick , Where two equally Brilliant colors meet by Dieter Schwarz

The Dieter Roth Books: From Geometry to Decay is a more than an exhibition catalog that was released during the Art Basel Fair 2016. Mathew Zucker, rare book specialist and dealer, has compiled writings by PHD scholars Maggie Rosenau, Allison Rudnick, and a texts by curators Andre Kamber and Dieter Schwarz in consideration of the complexity of Dieter Roth’s artistic production from 1957-69, “…a time rich with an overflow of unprecedented ideas”.  The study highlights a unique collection of 12 of the artist’s innovative hand-cut books assembled over many years. The Poetry book series shown here attest to the close relationship Dieter Roth had with Rudolf Rieser, who helped finance, build and promote his pieces during this especially productive period of Roth’s prolific career. Printed in full-color and realized in a playful tabloid format, this is a beautifully produced homage to one the leading figures in the field of contemporary artists’ books.  This volume also has unique artworks not seen in any printed catalogue to supplement the books being described.


Edition of 2,000 copies

Published by Zucker Art Books, 2016

Paperback newsprint folded with 37 pages and 51 photographs

12x18 Inches

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