1965. 60 loose sheets printed on both sides offset. Printed and published by steendrukkerij de jong Hilversum. 1000 copies promotion piece enlargements from 'daily mirror book'. Inside a folded page with the quote " Note from the editor to this Quadrat-Print.Dieter rot wrote me from reykjavik, iceland: They are part of a group of books I made in the year 1962 out of a bunch of Daily Mirrors”. “Instead of showing quality ( surprising quality) we show quantity ( surprising quantity). I got the idea ( Quantity instead of Quality) in this way: “QUALITY” in Business (f.i. advertising) is just a subtle way of being Quantity-minded. Quality in advertising wants expansion and ( in the end) power = Quantity. So, let us produce Quantities for once!”The editor". This copy has being shipped to 'De Heer H. de Leuw in Amsterdam.. DR. CW. 20 # 20. 25 x 25 cm. 25 x 25 cm(9 7/8 x 9 7/8 inches)

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