1967-68. Double issue of the biannual review for poetry and poesy. No 3, 24 pages letterpress with an 'original rhein' (original collage) signed. No 4, 44 pages letterpress closed bolt with an 'original ram' (original object) signed. Adhesive binding. cover goat embryo skin. Printed by G. Hohm Cologne. Published by edition Hansjorg Mayer, Stuttgart.Number 148/230 , dated 68 and signed . 10 ·authors copies. Approx 40 copies bound in goat embryo skin. Rest in different kinds of leather. Published by divers press, Cologne. Book of poetry with one "original rhein" photo collage with poems from Roth's magazine. The poems are about death, decay, impermanence, excrement, and eroticism. The bag thus literally blends eros and thanatos sensual poems with rotting flesh. Through its possible allusions to sacrificial rams and lambs it bears religious undertones reminiscent of the literary musings of Georges Bataille, whose dadaist writings on the erotic and the grotesque appealed. DR. CW. 20 # 35.25 x 14 cm *this copy with Artist's Urine. 25 x 14.3 cm(9 7/8 x 5 5/8 inches)

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