1968. 146 pp., Periodical, Pictorial wrapper. Offset printed. Glue bound. Black and white. Edition of 500. edited by Friedrich Wolfram Heubach.Published by F.W. Heubach, Cologne. Artists and contributors included : Joseph Beuys, Walter de Maria, Dennis Oppenheim, Mike Heizer, Richard Long, Jan Dibbets, Robert Smithson, Friedrich Wolfram Heubach, Lutz Schirmer, Hagen Lieberknecht, Wolf Vostell, Diter Rot [Dieter Roth], Johannes Stüttgen, Matthias Schäffer, Gabor Altorjay, Günter Brus, James Lee Byars, LIDL, Jörg Immendorff. With an original unique piece from each artist, including a slice of bread from Vostel and an orginal drawing by Roth.. 29.5 x 22 cm(11 5/8 x 8 5/8 inches)

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