Complete set of material 1, 2(ideogramme), 3, and 5, 1957-59

Artist magazine of concrete poetry.
Volume 1:35 pages hectographed, copied, typed, tipped-in, heavy black covers, oversewn with brass clasps. typed and stenciled;
Edition of 300.
Contributions by Josef Albers, Louis Aragon, Carlo Belloli, Claus Bremer, Bazon Brock Eugen Gomringer, Helmut Heissenbuttel, Anthony Kok, Diter Rot, Marc Sabathier-Leveque, Spoerri, and Nicolaus Werkman.
Volume 2: Main part. 62 pages small offset. rivetbinding.
20 x 21 cm
Published by d. spoerri darmstadt 1959.
200 copies.
Supplement 1: 40 pages black and white sheets alternating. Rivetbinding.
20 x 21 cm
100 copies.
Supplement 2: 12 pages small offset. stapled.
29,7 x 21 cm
100 copies.
Volume 3: Emmett Williams/konkretionen: 31 single-sided pages, various typed and manipulated papers.
29,7 x 21 cm.
Volume 4:unpublished.
Volume 5: Pol Bury(object) and Gherasim Luca(poems) white printed folded paper with letterpress text and black paper object with black die cut holes holding within 6 white sheets with diecut circular shapes which move when you hsake the object. [ 4130-BK].

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