Collected Works, Volume 15. Poetrie 5 bis 1 (Special Edition). Deluxe edition, 1969

Review for positioning, pometry, poeting and poetry. 220 pages offset. 23 x 17 cm, stitched softback. Printed by Staib + Mayer, Stuttgart. Published by edition Hansjorg Mayer, Cologne, London, Reykjavik. 1000 copies of which 100 copies in multiple designed by the author. Painted rubber mat, numbered with 2 signed polaroid color photographs reproduction of 'poesy no 1'. '32 heavier clouds for hansjorg mayer', 'poesy no 2', 'poeting 3/4', 'poesitioning no 5' (first edition).
Printer: Staib + Mayer, Stuttgart.
Publisher: Edition Hansj_rg Mayer, Cologne, London, Reykjavik
Edition of 1000 copies of which 100 in a deluxe edition, signed
Size: 23 x 17 cm
Reference: DR. CW. 20 n. 42.
. [ 4062-BK].

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